Live Healthy Program

Eating is one of the main forms of nourishment but it can also be one of the main forms of excess and toxicity. Looking critically at ones diet can often yield great physical results in terms of how one looks, feels and the overall healthfulness of a person. This eating plan should be approached with an understanding of what you have done in the past and an eye for what you want to change for the future.

"I enjoyed our weekly meeting, positive environment and caring support team. I appreciated all the key take aways and now know that living a healthy lifestyle cannot be done overnight. It requires commitment, patience and positive thoughts." Michele Y

Exercise is a vital portion of a healthy existence. Hot Feet Fitness is about helping people live healthy which often includes changing lifestyle choices and adding activities such as: stretching, working out and yoga.

The goal is to live healthy. This process examines the habits that have been built in the past and sets a new course for the future. This is not a one and done project with HFF. We desire to see you live in vibrant health your entire life and realize that we all have a starting point to build from. Make progress in a given direction rather than holding up a certain standard to achieve. Live Healthy. Be fit & love it!

"Six weeks focused on me and realizing my potential. I'm worth it!" Ruthann M

In collaboration with Freggies Organic Produce, HFF recommends consuming copious organic produce. For those with a desire to have personalized coaching, meal prep and food provided to assist in achieving your goals, we offer inclusive programs ranging from basic coaching and recipes up to private consultations and prepared meals and juices delivered.

"I think the community gathering and support was the most meaningful for me. Our journeys are meant to be shared, so we need to have witnesses to our growth." Jennifer B.

What can you expect from the program at Hot Feet Fitness?

  1. Health tips, coaching from HFF staff and other participants.
  2. Diet guidelines, recipes, and content on living well and wisely fueling your body.
  3. Group Support and encouragement to reach your goals by following the eating plan and attending classes regularly.
  4. You will feel stronger and more energized! You will lose weight, tone up, and be fit!
  5. To access the full Live Healthy Program curriculum, simply use this link. Access is limited to Live Health Program students only so sign-up today!

For more information about Hot Feet's method of healthy living view the basic eating plan.

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