Jerrod Sessler

Hot Feet Fitness was founded by Jerrod Sessler after years of choosing a healthy lifestyle following a terminal cancer diagnosis. Jerrod started ratifying his health in one of his most comfortable places, his kitchen! He began to add more vigorous activities other than chopping, blending and juicing once he mastered the art of eating healthy. Those changes lead him to joining one fitness regime after another in search of something that would work for him with ease.

Mr. Sessler is a serial entrepreneur and responsible for a number of ventures other than Hot Feet Fitness including: Freggies, HomeTask, Lawn Army, Pet Butler, Yellow Van Handyman and several charities. Jerrod enjoys helping people achieve success through the franchised business format so teaching and leading is not something that is foreign to him.

He says, "Hot Feet is the result of a transition that I went through mentally to find space in my life for activities that would help me achieve optimal health and fitness. I am as busy as anyone I know so I knew if I could develop something that would work for me then I knew it would work for lots of people."

Jerrod's search through the various standardized fitness regimes left him continuing to struggle with results.

So, in typical Sessler fashion, he designed a program that met all the necessary criteria. When asked about it, Sessler said, "I realized everything had to work together in my head. We cannot decouple our diets, physical activity and our overall health for example and expect the results to yield anything remarkable."

Along with Jerrod's efforts many other contributors helped make Hot Feet Fitness what it is today. HFF is one of the most progressive, success oriented fitness studios in the country. "Without the amazing team we have and the awesome trainers who pour their souls into this great work, HFF would be nothing. But, then again, community is what this all hinges upon."

Sessler has written multiple books related to health and fitness and is an active contributor within his community. He is married to Nikki and together they enjoy three children while residing in Seattle, Washington. He has driven NASCAR, is a decorated veteran and was named SBA Veteran Businessman of the Year in 2010.

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