A message from the founders

Jerrod and Nikki Sessler

The culture at a Hot Feet studio is warm and welcoming. We want everyone to feel comfortable. We tried many other forms of exercise with a desire to get and remain fit. Through each of those experiences, we learned that the key to success in a fitness arena is having a friendly environment that encourages real relationships. We learned about the power of inspiration!

Specific to the feel within each of the classes at HFF, instructors are trained to provide options for all body types and ability levels. Unlike studios where you feel like you have to "know" all the rules before entering, Hot Feet is friendly and comfortable. HFF is a community first. No one at Hot Feet is ever going to hear someone say their feet are pointed the wrong direction or that they are negatively affecting the zen or any other rude or silly comments.

To be certified as an instructor at Hot Feet, you are trained in areas beyond just physical exercise. Someone trained and certified by HFF will also learn about proper diet, fresh air and the art of inspiring people.

Being open and inspiring still is not enough, however. Hot Feet realizes that people of all shapes, colors, cultures, and sizes need to know there is a place for them. HFF does a great job of including everyone by offering a variety of classes to target each of the various types of members and by training staff to be universally inspiring to all members.

Enjoy the community that is Hot Feet. Become your best with us!

Jerrod & Nikki

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