Hot Feet Fitness community

Hot Feet Fitness is a community designed to set people up for sustainable success. Cultivating inspiration through real relationships, grounded examples, empathetic candor, love, and truth, the HFF studios are where the foundational mental and physical work begins.

Hot Feet Fitness is best described with these five flags:

Be Inspired

1. Be Inspired.

Hot Feet Fitness is a place of inspiration. We uplift, encourage, and inspire each other to make real progress toward our greatest-ness.

Thrive In Community

2. Thrive In Community.

Surrounding yourself with like-missioned people and enjoy engaging in a network bursting with love and support.

Live Healthy

3. Live Healthy.

HFF believes it is vital to living a fully healthy, joy-filled life to consider our activity level, diet, environment, spiritual health, stressors, and, our aptitude for learn.

Do The Work

4. Do The Work.

Whether it's one of the Yoga Styles, X21, Körper-Stretch or BarreTwist, we must do the work that ignites change.

Know You-nique

5. Know You Are Unique (You-nique).

How were you specially crafted? Take the time to reflect and peel back the layers. Seek to know (and love) yourself.

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