Low Investment

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

Hot Feet Fitness® offers a low-cost franchise opportunity in the fitness industry and across other industries. Our initial franchise fee and ongoing weekly back office fees are lower-cost than our competitors, lowering the barrier of entry for studio ownership.

Jerrod Sessler

A Great Investment

The fitness industry is poised for massive growth. People have always been interested in fitness but more recently people are very interested in maintaining great health. The western culture is beginning to return to a more holistic lifestyle with an emphasis on self-care. People are actively realizing that they have an opportunity to win with their health and fitness and are willingly taking steps to invest in themselves in this way. Nearly a million people join health clubs each year, pushing membership to 41.3 million people nationwide. That means that at least 1 in 6 people that you see or talk to each day is either a member of a fitness club or will be this year. That number is likely to grow as more people commit to an active lifestyle, often spurred by the increasing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives.

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