Frequently Asked Questions

We like people who ask questions. It’s one of the qualities of an exceptional franchisee. We want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your future. Here’s a start, and when you want to know more, we’re here.

Do I need experience in the fitness industry, or with yoga?
You need a combination of skills and experience, but not necessarily in running a fitness studio. Rather, an ideal franchisee will have an entrepreneurial spirit, business management skills, and a passion for developing people and providing outstanding service.
What can I expect to earn from my business?
We can’t guarantee your success, but we can offer a proven concept and superior franchise support systems. Income from each Hot Feet Fitness studio varies based on many variables such as: market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, willingness and ability to follow our system, overall culture of the studio and the community where it is located and other economic factors. Your success is our success, so we’ll work with you to help your studio reach its full potential.
Do I get an exclusive territory for my franchise? Are there benefits to owning more than one territory?
Yes, you’ll be granted an exclusive territory subject to certain restrictions contained in the Franchise Agreement. Your franchise sales consultant can discuss with you how Hot Feet Fitness implements its territory development. Multi-studio owners also enjoy discounts on the franchise fees depending upon the number of planned studios for your Hot Feet Fitness territory.
How many hours will I work in my Hot Feet Fitness studio each week?
That decision is completely up to you. Some owners maintain full-time jobs and watch over the operation of their studio with occasional supervision. Other owners operate their Hot Feet Fitness studios as a full-time job. Depending on your circumstances, it can work both ways. If you designate a studio manager to run the day-to-day operations of your franchise, you can be assured they will get in-depth and comprehensive training to do so.
How will I know if I have the right stuff for franchising?
An exceptional franchisee gives up entrepreneurial freedom in exchange for an established system. The upside of that exchange is support from an experienced franchisor, one that can assist you through all phases of your business development and operation. A great franchisee is a team player and is committed to grow not only their business, but to improve the franchise system overall.
How will I know if I am a good fit for the Hot Feet Fitness concept?
If you have the ability and desire to develop people, deliver an unmatched client experience, and build a local market, along with adequate capitalization, you may be a good fit for Hot Feet Fitness franchise ownership.
Will you help me select the best real estate and market for my studio?
We work with experienced real estate brokers who offer assistance with site selection and lease negotiation, including a thorough review of the market demographics. Plus, they can assist you in obtaining rent and build-out allowances.
Do you provide startup support and training for my staff and I?
Supporting you and your staff is our top job at Hot Feet Fitness. For as long as you operate your Hot Feet Fitness franchise, you and your staff can expect targeted training in client service, fitness training & certification, yoga instruction & certification and practice, sales, staff management, marketing, business reporting, and every other aspect of the health and fitness business.
Is financing assistance available to franchisees?
Yes, financing assistance is available to Hot Feet Fitness franchisees. After consulting with our finance department, they can recommend a wide range of products and services for financing your investment.
Do you offer help with studio design and construction?
At Hot Feet Fitness, we elevate turn-key to a new level. Our studio-in-a-box system and our easy-to-follow design guide will give you peace of mind that your studio is the exemplar of the Hot Feet Fitness brand and everything your clients expect it to be.
Will I get help with marketing efforts?
Our marketing team will help you get results. They take a holistic approach to marketing and can provide guidelines for advertising, public relations, social media, and community involvement. Plus, you’ll have access to professionally developed marketing materials and business supplies.
Is there anything special about your workout styles and teaching techniques?
Our workouts are designed to get members in and out of the studio quickly, so that they can easily fit classes into their routine. Hot Feet Fitness studios are manned with trainers and instructors that are certified by Hot Feet Fitness. Hot Feet certifications include training in workout styles but also include emphasis on diet and lifestyle as well as inspirational techniques.
How can I learn more?
That’s easy. Please take a few minutes to complete our Information request form.

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