Practices To Help Cope With Stress

Written by Diana, barre instructor at Hot Feet


Right now, many of us are experiencing a whole range of uncomfortable feelings – sometimes all of them in one day. It’s pretty much a roller coaster.

But if you know to anticipate the turbulence, learn how to ride the rough patches and have strategies ready for when you’re experiencing those feelings, you can take good care of yourself as you navigate this new territory.

First, remember to let yourself feel your feelings without judgment. Your responses are totally normal.



If you’re feeling fear:
- Put your hand on your heart & take several deep breaths.
- Check in with yourself: Do you need to connect? Do you need to cocoon?
- If you need support, reach out. Call a trusted friend.
- If you prefer to be alone, say to yourself out loud “I’m here for you. We will get through this.”

  - Ask for wisdom from your wisest self/higher power of choice. Grab a pen & write down what comes.  

If you’re feeling sad:
- Let yourself rest. This is important.
- As you’re able, look for moments of meaning. There’s a whole lot of kindness going around right now.
- When you’re ready, ask “What can I do to spread kindness? How can I offer meaning?”

If you're feeling irritable:
- Remember, many people are on edge right now.
- When your loved ones lash out, can you try to respond with gentleness?
- When you’re the one feeling irritable, can you try sharing how you’re feeling?

We really can’t avoid the experiences and feelings that we’re having. But we can take good care of ourselves -- and good care of each other -- as we navigate new territory together.

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