Clearing the Clutter

This fall I started to notice my low mood. A little seasonal affective disorder or SAD can impact even the most optimistic people, including myself. I was feeling sad and not sure how to deal with it. I did not feel like myself, so my usual moves didn't have their norm uplift: walking, yoga, bathing, Starbucks... I got frustrated and easily irritated with my family. I didn't like what I was doing, but that only made it worse; I would sink back into that depression. 

So I started to ask myself what would help? I imagined what could be weighing me down and I started to see a picture in my mind of all the books I had kept from college. Why did I feel the need to hold onto them? They certainly did not bring me Joy, in fact quite the opposite. I wanted to feel better and taking control of one book shelf felt doable even if taking control of my mind didn't feel so doable. It quickly turned into the whole living room getting decluttered. Finally I started to feel lighter, better. It felt good to take control of my living room to make it a space I could be grateful for again. 


Now I am onto the kitchen and hope for the same success. Sometimes the opportunities to create the life we want reside in empowering ourselves to remove the things that we realize we don't want. 

Written by: Kristen HFF Yoga Instructor


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