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With the HFF app, you’ll get access to:


Join in and feel the energy of a live class with a live instructor and other students. Choose your screen size and your intensity as you get the work done wherever you are!


Choose from a variety of different class types and lengths. Start the classes on your own or with a group at a time that works with your schedule!


Watch your calorie burn add up and track your studio hours through the app. Adjust your intensity to increase your results. Watch as you work as the pounds disappear!

Photos of HFF phone app

"This has become my exercise studio, my place to reconnect with my body, and my community/ #tribe! I had visited a few yoga studios before Hot Feet and while I respect their process, their process of entering the doors and not speaking to one another just didn't serve me.

"At Hot Feet we welcome one another, we say hi, we catch up. Our yoga practice is exactly that our yoga practice. There is no right or wrong and we are always encouraged to do what's right for our bodies well being lead. I can't say enough good things about hot feet!

"Come and give it a try and you'll see. (And in case you're wondering, no they do not keep it sweltering hot in the yoga studio, I can't deal with that either ;)"
Debbie O., Des Moines, WA

"GREAT People - Anyone will feel right at home. Stretch & get moving - plenty of variety & times... instructors = amazing. They all care - to make You the best YOU. Show up, they make the rest happen."
Jim S., Wichita, KS

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