The Vision

Hot Feet Fitness was created to guide people to their very best. People establish culture and perform vibrantly when they are healthy. I want these kind of people in my community and in yours.

At Hot Feet, we see people improve physically but we also enable them become more powerful. Powerful people make contributions to their families and in their communities.

Inspired people are enthusiastic. Enthusiasm causes people to do the impossible. The momentum from achievements leads to world changing work one community at a time.

We accomplish our mission by hosting a variety of excellent classes in a comfortable facility and we challenge people to reach farther than they ever have. We offer convenient classes that fit within real schedules and we maximize the potential for results in every class.

As we gain momentum in achieving our mission, lives are changed, people are transformed and communities are invigorated to be awesome!

- Jerrod Sessler
HFF Founder

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