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I affirm that I am participating voluntarily in various physical exercises & training ("Activity") in a warm environment at Hot Feet Fitness ("HFF"). I acknowledge that the membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

I (together with my parent or guardian, if I am under the age of eighteen or under a legal disability) represent covenant and agree, on behalf of myself and my heirs, assigns, and any other person claiming by, under, or through me, to the following:

In consideration for exercising in a, sometimes, warm environment, I commit to listen to my body, and to not force or push anything. ­­­­­I realize that dehydration and fatigue are common ailments caused by vigorous exercise. I understand there are also other known and unknown effects of short and long term exposure to a heated environment. I will sit or lie down, drink water as needed and take a break if I start to feel light-headed or dizzy, or strained in any way. ­­­

I understand that my membership is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. I affirm that I am ultimately to decide if participation is best for me at the time. I agree to irrevocably hold harmless and release and waive any claims that I have now or hereafter in relationship to my membership.

I acknowledge that participating in the Activity alone or with other people, potentially in close proximity, involves certain risks (some of which I may not fully appreciate) and that injuries, death, property damage or other harm could occur to me or others. I accept and voluntarily incur all risks of any injuries, damages, or harm which arise during or result from my participation in the activity, regardless of whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of Hot Feet Fitness (including the location(s) where I participate and the franchisor or headquarters for HFF), the Franchisor and Board, along with its members, of HFF, and/or its or their departments, trustees, affiliates, employees, volunteers, officers, agents or insurers ("Released Parties"). HFF strongly recommends that each member have an annual physical examination and carry personal health and accident insurance.

I waive all claims against any of the Released Parties for any injuries, damages, losses or claims, whether known or unknown, which arise during or result from my participation regardless of whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of any of the Released Parties. I release and forever discharge the Released Parties from all such claims. The parties agree that this agreement does not waive or release any rights I may have under the law.

I agree to indemnify and hold the Released Parties harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and other litigation costs and expenses) incurred by any of the Released Parties as a result of any claims or suits that I (or anyone claiming by, under or through me) may bring against any of the Released Parties to recover any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, or expenses which arise during or result from my participation in the activity, regardless of whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of the Released Parties.

I release my right to claims against the Released Parties if I am tended to for any reason in an emergency medical situation or circumstances where an emergency seems apparent.

I understand and agree that the laws of the courts within the state where my membership and participation reside have jurisdictional rule and governing law over any disputes that may arise. Regardless of those laws, I take full responsibility for my choice to participate in Hot Feet Fitness classes in person at a Hot Feet Fitness location or virtually.

I understand that some classes will cost different amounts including in addition to my regular membership fees as a result of the type of class, social distancing or other requirements. I understand that social distancing actual distance is not defined by Hot Feet Fitness nor is anyone at Hot Feet Fitness including staff, trainers, owners, members or others responsible for defining what social distancing means in reality.

I agree to be solely responsible for safety and well being of my guest(s) and myself. I understand that although some guidance is provided, the Released Parties do not strictly monitor or scrutinize you, your guest(s) or the use of the facilities.

I agree to comply with all commonly known rules. I agree to conduct myself in a controlled and reasonable manner at all times, and to refrain from participating in a manner that is inconsistent with the HFF exercise design and purpose.

By entering Hot Feet Fitness, all patrons grant Hot Feet Fitness the right to film, video, and/or photograph the member/patron or guest on Hot Feet Fitness property for any purpose, without payment or consideration thereof.

If any portion of this Agreement and Waiver of Liability is found to be invalid for any reason, the balance of the Agreement and Waiver of Liability remains enforceable.

I understand and agree that the Released Parties are not responsible for property that is lost, stolen or damaged while in, on, or about the premise.

I have carefully read and reviewed this Agreement And Waiver of Liability. I understand it fully and I execute it voluntarily. I understand that clicking on the acceptance option during the on-line sign-up process constitutes my acknowledgment and agreement.

I further agree that the use of this web site is at my own risk. I understand that the information herein may be temporary or even inaccurate at times. I indemnify and hold harmless all associated parties as I voluntarily navigate this web property.

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