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US Snow Map

Hot Feet Fitness may be a wonderful place to enjoy an early morning as the streets are blanketed in snow but opening a studio in certain situations can create unsafe circumstances for our members and HFF staff attempting to get to the studio.

As a general policy, if there is snow on the street then it is a good idea to check the studio schedule online, social media and/or your inbox for updates on the status of the studio schedule as it relates to weather or other circumstances.

It does not sound nearly as appealing to cover up your yoga pants with sweats and a heavy coat but we do suggest you exert some energy clearing your driveway rather than attempting to get to Hot Feet Fitness for your safety and the safety of others.


  1. In a good portion of the Midwest and Great Plains, studio closing criteria is based more on the wind and resulting temperature over the amount of snow that has accumulated. For that reason, the map may be misleading at times.
  2. Much of the western states receive varied snowfall for a number of reasons. This presents a challenge when attempting to make broad brush statements about necessary closures.
  3. Urban centers have the ability built in to keep their streets and sidewalks clear. Therefore, cities will often require more accumulation of snow to justify a closure.
  4. For planning and communication purposes, when snow is even predicted in the very light colored areas, this could constitute a planned closure even if the weather does not materialize as predicted.
  5. Hawaii does get some snow but it rarely affects the normal flow of life because it is generally limited to high-elevation areas which have little to no residential activity.

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