Take a look in the mirror. Do not look with guilty eyes. Look with the eyes of a stranger gazing upon the work of another. No judgement, just fact gathering.  What do you see?  You see the results of a lifetime of work. Whatever the length of this persons life, their parents started them along a path and they took over at some point to earn the body they have.  This person was given a physical form to shape, care for, to use and enjoy.  The results before you is the sum of what has been done over the course of their life.
Avoid passing judgement as we are all so attuned to due.  Instead, recognize the sum of the efforts (good or bad) that have resulted in what stands before you.  Keep your analysis third person so as to avoid useless guilt.  What would you change?  Not for the sake of making this form look better but what would you change because something does not seem as it was intended.
This is the best place to establish a new vision.  What would you change?  Make a list.  Not because it is wrong but because it can be different, more fulfilling and more enjoyable.  Make a list of things you would change.  Remember as you make the list that all things are possible.  The form was once much different and the result is merely the sum of the years of trials, challenges, hurts and struggles.  Had those experiences been different then the form would also be different.  Make a list of those hurts.  Leave the blame there.
From here, make a commitment to give yourself one year.  Yes, an astoundingly long full year to redo much of what has been done in many more years before.  Commit to five minutes a day doing something active and one change in your diet each day.  Yes, five minutes of movement escalating up to vigorous movement in a few weeks and eat something different at least once each day.  Opt for water over pop, a salad over a burger, baked meal instead of fried, etc. Establish check-ins for yourself on the first Sunday of each month and go back to the mirror and your lists of hurts and changes.  Recommit and give yourself a full year before you give up.  The exercise is not as much physical as it is emotional and mental.  Tell yourself you can and you will change the sum by contributing to a different outcome for 365 days.  One of you will do this.  I am excited to hear your story someday.  Start today.
Jerrod Sessler
Founder of Hot Feet Fitness 

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